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The world we live in is fraught with many challenges to maintaining good mental health. Domestic abuse, fear of deportation in immigrant communities, random gunfire and hate crimes all can take a heavy toll on mental health. But finding affordable behavioral health services in Bellaire, TX, can also be a challenge that adds to your mental burden.


7001 Corporate Dr.
Suite #120
Houston, Texas 77036


(713) 773-0803
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. To speak to a healthcare provider for assistance outside of clinic hours, please call 713-773-0803.

Clinic Hours

Monday 8AM – 7PM
Tuesday 8AM – 7PM
Wednesday 8AM – 7PM
Thursday 8AM – 7PM
Friday 8AM – 5PM
Saturday 9AM – 5PM
Sunday Closed

Hours of operation may change during holidays. Please call the clinic for holiday hours.

Seek Mental Health Services at Our Behavioral Health Community Center in Sharpstown, TX

In Sharpstown, mental health services often can only be accessed by those with stellar insurance plans. Especially in underserved communities, people with mental health challenges can fall through the cracks. But our behavioral health community center in Sharpstown, TX wants to change that. We also provide affordable behavioral health services in Bellaire, TX to the same groups.

Here and at the Bellaire mental health community center, we staff our centers with multi-lingual doctors, therapists and staff members so patients can unburden themselves in their own languages. We serve clients in their own neighborhoods so that they can easily access services even if they don’t drive. We accept all major forms of insurance, as well as Medicaid and Medicare. But to those without any insurance, we don’t let that be a barrier to good mental health. We work with patients on a sliding scale according to what they can afford to pay.

We approach all clients with empathy and compassion to help them get on the right track to good mental health. With the proper therapies and pharmaceutical interventions, those suffering from mental health diagnoses can face a bright future.

Contact Us Today for an Appointment

Don’t let your mental health issues prevent you from living your best life. Reach out today to learn how HOPE Clinic can assist you with confronting past traumas and developing the coping skills to succeed. Your mental health is vital to your overall well-being, so don’t delay.


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