Doctors That Speak Vietnamese in Houston, TX

Here at HOPE Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves quality, affordable medical care from doctors who speak and understand their language. We have multilingual doctors, including doctors fluent in Vietnamese in our Houston, TX, clinics to help us serve the large Vietnamese community in this city.

The board-certified doctors and other medical professionals at our Vietnamese-speaking walk-in clinic in Houston, TX, know how important it is for patients to be able to communicate with someone who understands them and whom they understand. That’s essential to getting the care you and your family need and deserve.

Our Houston doctors that speak Vietnamese and all of us at HOPE Clinic are committed to making sure that no one is denied healthcare based on lack of insurance, ability to pay or native language. We serve areas of Houston that are underserved by medical providers.

Full-Service Walk-in Clinics

We have four convenient walk-in clinics throughout the Houston area. All are open at least five days a week. We also offer tele-health services for patients who can’t always visit us in person. 

Our doctors that speak Vietnamese in Houston, TX, provide a wide range of preventative services and treatment for people of all ages, including:

  • Wellness exams
  • Family planning
  • Immunizations (for children and adults)
  • Mammograms and other cancer screenings
  • Prenatal care and classes
  • Pediatric care
  • Hepatitis B screening/treatment
  • Dental and eye care
  • Lab services
  • Individual and family counseling

And much more.

Healthcare with or Without Insurance

We know that people who need doctors fluent in Vietnamese in Houston, TX, don’t always have health insurance or don’t have insurance plans that fully cover their care. We can provide discounted fees based on patients’ family income and size. 

Call Us or Come In

If you’re looking for doctors that speak Vietnamese in Houston, TX, you’ve come to the right place. Call us at 713-773-0803 to make an appointment or visit us at one of our clinics. We’re here to help you.


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