Doctors That Speak Burmese in Houston, TX

In Houston and other communities in Southeast Texas, it is fairly easy to find doctors who are fluent in Spanish. But doctors who speak Burmese? Not so much. That’s why HOPE Clinic established a Burmese-speaking walk-in clinic in Houston, TX.

Find Houston Doctors That Speak Burmese Here

When you are sick and in pain, it is doubly difficult to search for words to communicate your symptoms in a language that is not your mother tongue. We hired doctors that speak Burmese in Houston, TX, to lift the burden of communication from our patients. By staffing our clinics with doctors fluent in Burmese in Houston, TX, we removed an essential barrier to communication between physicians and their patients.

Patients living in underserved communities in Houston often struggle to find doctors who will treat them and who also understand them in their native languages. Having doctors fluent in Burmese in Houston, TX, increases the accessibility of affordable quality medical services to the Burmese-speaking community living here in Southeast Texas.

Make the HOPE Clinic Your Source for All of Your Health Care Needs

Here at the HOPE Clinic, accessibility and affordability are more than just buzzwords. These are the guiding principles upon which we established our clinics and community healthcare settings. Our goal is to reach residents of underserved communities all over the Houston Metro Area and provide them with services and treatment.

By staffing our clinics with doctors that speak Burmese in Houston, TX, as well as over thirty other languages, we hope to bridge the critical gaps and allow all residents to receive quality healthcare and preventative services at clinics located right here in their own neighborhoods and communities.

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