B-Free Houston is our liver cancer and hepatitis B prevention initiative. This project  aims to address the high incidence rate of hepatitis B in the Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander community. Hepatitis B is especially of concern in our service area as this area is considered one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation, especially an increasing number of immigrants and refugees originating from Africa and Central and East Asia.

B-Free Houston has been providing education, low-cost/free screening, vaccinations, and customized treatment plans for hepatitis B patients along with increased surveillance for the hepatitis B virus. Since 2008, the program has screened over 7,500 patients for hepatitis B. 2016 was a record-breaking year with 2,053 hepatitis B screenings, 245 new cases diagnoses (12.5%), and 4,249 immunizations.

To date, HOPE clinic has over 600 HBV patients under treatment to almost 600 patients, with more enrolling each month. A cost effectiveness evaluation of the program showed that HOPE Clinic saved $1,657 per patient, when compared with the screening and diagnosis in a private physician’s office or secondary care center. (HOPE $663 cost versus $2,320).

B-Free Houston is also making strides to help reduce the prevalence of perinatal hepatitis B and early childhood HBV transmission.

For more information regarding this program please contact Asha Minix at aminix@hopechc.org..


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